Atomic Squash est. 2005


Original Atomic Squash Logo


What is an Atomic Squash anyway.

1. A radioactive gourd used to make your vegetable melody more colorful.
2. A collaborative effort to promote social interaction by teaching board games and supporting the adventure gaming hobby throughout the Midwest focused in the St.Louis/Metro East area


In a desire to play more games and see friends more than twice a year, Atomic Squash was formed.  Since conception Atomic Squash has been open to anyone willing to come out and play a game. Still local in concentration Atomic Squash now has friends all over North America. Play a game with us and whether you like it or not you are a member.


Our original meeting place was at a pottery painting studio named Arts of Fire.  It was owned by one of our founding members and was really a great place to play.  No competition and plenty of tables to play lots of Settlers of Catan, which seemed to be the game we played at least 3 times a night during those early years.  Unfortunately all good things must come to and end and Arts of Fire had to close its doors Aug 2008.

The Original BK Crown with victory signatures.

The Original BK Crown with victory signatures

Since then we have been meeting at Heroic Adventures, where we have formed a strong partnership.  Still going strong after all this time approximately 520 Mondays and events over the last 10 years.